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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Road Trip: SLO and SF (part I)

With a four day holiday on the calendar this past weekend I decided to venture onto California's freeway system. The goal was to hang with daughter Carly in San Luis Obispo and daughter Annie in San Francisco. Mission accomplished. It was great to see them thriving in their new cities of residence. It was also surprisingly therapeutic to drive several hundred miles each day while listening to music. I recommend it.

Since a lot of the hangin' also involved eating here's my food diary.

Lunch at Flame Bay in downtown SLO. It's a build your own stir-fry place. I was told 4th year CE's can stack their bowls with enough food that they can survive off their leftovers for a week. I wasn't skilled, but I had plenty to eat. Tasty eats. If the weather is nice sit outside on the lovely deck by the river.

Dinner at Woodstock's Pizza. We (Carly, Ryan, Cameron, Jake, Sydney, and Morgan) tried another place first, but it was out of bbq. Woodstock's is a chain that specializes serving a good pizza to college kids. They do it well.

The next morning Carly and I went to one of SLO's iconic restaurants for breakfast. Louisa's has been around for a while. It's a no frills diner that serves big portions of good old fashioned dishes. I left stuffed to the gills and and skipped lunch on my drive to San Francisco.

Despite missing an exit I found my daughter's funky digs in the Castro without much problem. Annie and her boyfriend, Adrian, decided on sushi. We walked to Tokyo Go GO and munched on a variety of very tasty hand rolls and washed them down with cold Kirins.

On the way back we stopped at Bi-Rite Creamery for some ice cream. I had a small scoop of salty caramel. Delicious. If I had added a little chocolate sauce it would have been perfection.

The next morning Annie, Adrian, and I went to Four Barrels Coffee before they had to go to work. I was promised they also had the world's greatest donuts, but alas they don't serve donuts on Mondays. Excellent coffee and their buttery croissants were an excellent consolation prize.

After dropping Annie at work I headed back down the road to SLO. I did manage include a stop at In'n Out for a cheeseburger and a shake on my one stop of the drive.

For dinner we (Carly, Sydney, Morgan H, Emily, Erica, Cameron, Ryan, and Jake) made it to JD Boone's for some bbq. (It's surprisingly easy to get a big crowd of college students for dinner when word gets out that a dad is going along.) Carly called this time to make sure they hadn't run out. Excellent pulled pork sandwich. They smoke the meat and serve it sans sauce. The pork was perfectly cooked and they have a variety of tasty sauces.

This morning Carly and her friend Sydney who accompanied me on the SD/SLO legs of the trip brought breakfast burritos from Breakfast Buzz to my hotel. Huge tasty gut bombs. A more mature person would have eaten half and been satisfied. I hate the whole thing and haven't eaten since (it's 5:20 pm).

While it probably sounds like it, I didn't spend all my time eating and driving. But, I'll save that for another post.


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Since we are going up to SLO in a couple weeks, we will check out your recommendations.

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