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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Field Trip: Hotel Cafe Tour, Girls

I made it out two nights in a row. (Not bad for an old guy) While Sunday's Kings of Leon show was all about testosterone, last night the BellyUp was all estrogen all the time. I caught the Hotel Cafe tour that featured Anya Marina, Meiko, Jaymay, Molly Jenson, Erin McCarley and Holly Conlan rotating on stage for a few songs each.


Meiko is a real talent. She reminds me a little of Missy Higgins and Brandi Carlile who happen to be two of my favorite female singer songwriters.

Jaymay What a treat. I have been listening to Jaymay's music for awhile and imagined her to be shy and retiring little mouse. She's the complete opposite. Jaymay is a bit quirky and an absolute firecracker. I've always liked her rather idiosyncratic songs but the depth of her voice was a very pleasant surprise. If the music business was a meritocracy she'd be a star.


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