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Friday, October 31, 2008

Field Trip: Neil Young & Death Cab and Cutie


Going into the show I had no absolutely no expectations. After all the guy will be 63 in a couple weeks. I do have a almost 40 year history of enjoying his music and was curious to see which Neil we would get. Well, we got all of them. He rocked, went acoustic, rocked some more, and then covered of The Beatles' A Day In the Life which ended with a Hendrix-esque guitar/amplifier melt down. Like Springsteen he pulls it off without a whiff of nostalgia. The guy is just as relevant today as he was 40 years ago. Best show of the year.

I should like Death Cab for Cutie. They're everything I like in a band. They can sing, write, and play. But for some reason they have never resonated with me. It's probably not a good idea for any band to open for NY.


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