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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bobby and David's Excellent Adventure: Coming Home

A quick email before we head home tomorrow.

Today is Bobby's birthday, so we celebrated the best way we know how... by visiting a place of mass genocide. We went to Dachau today and fittingly it was the 1st day of rain we have had all trip. Luckily the storm was very fast moving, and it only rained for 15 minute periods.

After that we went to the Hofbrauhaus for some delicious food, and more importantly a liter of dark beer "ein maß dunkel bitte." We had a couple of those with a Canadian and an Aussie we met in the hostel, and now its time to go to the hostel bar to pound back a few before we head home tomorrow.

Well, I better make this short as we dont have much celebration time left.




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