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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bobby and David's Excellent Adventure: Sistine Chapel

Sistine Crappel

I suppose if I was an art history major or even remotely religious it would have been different. But I'm not, so it was crap. Spending 14 euro to stare at a ceiling was a huge waste of money. If my calculations are correct I could have gone to In 'n Out 3.48 times with that money. But no, we spent spent it on a whole lot of Jesus paintings, and a fancy ceiling. OK, my rant is done.

Other than that, The Vatican was good. St Peters is gigantic and pretty interesting, but I am tired of churches. On Monday night we wandered downstairs to the bar in our hostel. The bar had a special below ground section for hostel people that had a beer pong and a foosball table. Bobby and I were lured in to play some flip cup (we dominated) and then we beat an Aussie team and an English team to take the Foosball World Cup!

Tuesday we woke up, checked out, and headed to the Coliseum! This only cost us 9 euro. We didn't even have to wait it the gigantic line thanks to a good tip. It turns out that tickets to the Coliseum are also good for Palantine Hill which has a ticket office about 2 minutes away. We arrived at the Palantine Hill ticket office and saw that there wasn't anybody in line buying tickets. We got our ticket, walked past the hundreds of jealous people, and walked right in. We roamed around the coliseum for a couple hours yelling, "Maximus!" at random intervals. After pretending we were gladiators, we went to the train station and waited for the night train to Vienna.

We weren't so lucky with our roommates this time. We shared a room with an Austrian couple, a German speaking man from Bangladesh, and a man from Jamaica who was more out of place than we were. There was little conversation, and Bobby and I tried to sleep most of the time. We woke up to falling snow, but it turned to rain in Vienna. We have 3 days here and we have just realzed there isn't a whole lot going on in Vienna other than checking out the scenery.

8 days till we finally come home!!!!!

Peace out,



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