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Monday, March 10, 2008

David and Bobby's Excellent Adventure: Munchen

Our Munich stay has only reinforced the fact that on a Eurotrip, the sights are interesting, but it's really all about the people you meet. We have met some amazing people on this trip, but our new Munich friends are potentially the best.

Our first night here wasn't anything special, but yesterday we went on the free tour and had a blast. We returned to the hostel around 2 pm and found 3 kids passed out. We left them sleeping, hung out, returned to the room at about 8 pm, and found them just waking up. It turns out they are a couple and the girl's younger brother, and they had just arrived from Toronto. We immediately became best friends. They were planning on heading to Slovenia today, but after a couple hours in the pub we convinced them to spend the day in Munich and take the night train out.

Today we didn't do anything eventful other than hang out in the lounge and doze off in the hammocks. But, for dinner we went to the infamous Hofbrauhaus. The food was amazing, the beers were gigantic, and best of all the Canadians joined us. It was a blast. They begged us to come to Slovenia with them and if it was week 2 of our trip we would have. We do have a couple days left, but it would have been very difficult to return in time for our flight. So, we sent them on their way.

Thank goodness we live in the Facebook era, because these are people we want to stay in touch with. Hopefully we will meet up again. It was sad to see them off tonight, and it really made me miss home. I am ready to go, and sleep in my own bed

We have hit all the major sights in Munich (aka drinking too much beer). Oh, I forgot to mention that we went to the soccer game! On the train we met a guy who said it would be impossible to get tickets, but we found a scalper and haggled him down to 10 euro below face value. After paying 40 euro each we found our seats in the upper deck at what would have been the 50 yard line. The home team won. It was a good time.

Tomorrow we are going to Dachau, and since Wednesday is Bobby's birthday we will most likely head back to the beer hall.

I can't wait to see you all.




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