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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bobby and David's Excellent Adventure: Vienna

So, we are in Vienna for 3 days. thats about 2.5 days too many.

After my last email we walked around Vienna in some light snow flurries, but it wasn't cold enough for it to stick. It was fun other than the fact that it was cold as hell. Today we slept in (kinda). We met middle aged snoring man #2 of the trip, so it is kinda hard to sleep. I really miss my own room. Today we walked around the palace and its famous gardens (it has a zoo and a hedge maze!) Unfortunately, the maze is closed for the winter and there are no living plants in the gardens. We did walk up a giant hill to get a great view of Vienna.

Last night we had the best meal of our trip.... It was a Chinese food place in Vienna, go figure. Tonight we had a delicious meal as well. Picture a pasta version of Chipotle. You order and they whip it up right in front of you.

Well, we have one more day here but we have no idea what to do. Luckily it is supposed to rain (for the 1st time all trip) so we may just lounge around. Then its off to Munich for lots of beer and maybe some sights.

All the hostels are full in Frankfurt so we decided to stay in Munich for 5 days, leave at 8 am, and catch a 3 hour train to Frankfurt arriving in time for our flight back. Hopefully, we make it.



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