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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bobby and David's Excellent Adventure: Paris Deux

Well, last night Bobby and I felt adventurous and headed out to a real Parisian cafe and ordered off a French menu by pointing at what was hopefully steak. It turned out the waiter spoke perfect English and saved us from further embarassment.

We were pretty tired, so last night was spent hanging out and checking the net. The hostel while very nice is still working the kinks out. They doubled booked a lot of beds and had some very angry people standing at reception till the wee hours of the morning. I think a couple of them slept in the lounge. When I went to bed I found someone sleeping in my bed. It turned out they had switched Bobby and me to the girls' beds (they had to switch rooms) but failed to tell us. After a little scare all was well.

This morning we got up, got a nutella crepe, and headed to the Arc. It is a gigantic structure, but that's all I can really say about it. We looked at it for about 10 min, strolled down the Champ de Elysees, and split.

We were going to go on the free tour of Monmarte in the evening, but on our way back we ran into our old roommates who were headed there. We decided to tag along with them. The girls know a little French, which made the excursion a lot easier. We went to a cafe next to the Moulin Rouge and had delicious toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. We then checked out the cafe from Amelie and headed to Sacre Couer. It definitely has the best view of the city. We sat on the steps and listened to an impromptu concert by guys who played everything from La Bamba to Hotel California. Around sunset we headed down and decided to stop at a cafe for champagne and an assorted cheese plate. Very chic of us. After a couple additional glasses we got our bill and were hurt to the tune of 80 euros for the 4 of us. Very expensive, but it was fun.

Tomorrow we check out, but our train doesn't leave until night. So, we are going down to Versailles with the girls for the day. Then it's off to Italy where we are imposing on a couple friends studying abroad. We'll crash on their couches to save some money.



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