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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bobby and David's Excellent Adventure

So, since nothing cool happened in Amsterdam worth mentioning, other than gawking at suprisingly attractive hookers, I'll move on to Paris.

We arrived yesterday evening after taking the high speed train from Amsterdam, and it was a little overwhelming. The train station was flooded with people, and we had to figure out the metro system on the fly and get to our hostel. Turns out the metro is very easy to navigate, and we made it to the hostel without any problem.

The hostel is amazing. Let's just say Bobby and I extended our stay to 4 nights within 30 min of arriving. It is the St. Christopher's Inn and they have a bunch of hostels primarily in England. This place just opened a month ago and the big difference is that the place was built for specifically to be a hostel. It is decked out. Our room has six bunks, but they are sectioned off, layed end to end, and each has a privacy curtain. They could have easily squeezed in 6 more bunks on the opposite wall but they left the room open.

Downstairs they have a restaurant /bar, Belushi's, which they have at all the other locations. Bobby and I have spent time there drinking some delicious beer, while trying to figure out the rules of cricket. They also have a club downstairs that is supposed to be open tonight so we'll probably check it out.

OK, I'm done gushing about our diggs - onto the city itself. We took the free tour once again and had a great guide that showed us the highlights of the city. We finally met some people which gave us a chance to talk and hang out with other backpackers. I met two girls. One of them unfortunately looked like either Janice from the Sopranos or Marla Hooch (aka Rosie O'Donnel in A League of Their Own), but the other girl was attractive. Anyways, they're studying in Germany, but they go to school in Connecticut. Turns out they are friends with a friend of ours, Scott Ricci, who also works for the Padres. Scott goes to school in Connecticut with them. So, we had that to bond over.

After the tour, we went to the Eiffel Tower with them. I overcame my fear of heights and hiked up the steps to the 2nd level. There was no way in hell Bobby was getting me to go to the top. 680 steps was enough for me.

After that we parted ways with the girls, with maybe plans on joining them on the pub crawl. On the tour Bobby met a couple of Australian girls who are staying in our hostel. Bobby is now in love. I half expect him to trade in his plane ticket and jet off to Australia when we get to Frankfurt. We're probably going to be hanging out with them in the hostel bar/ club tonight. I'll be playing the part of wingman.

Since they didn't give me an extra 4 hours of internet like the last place I'm gonna wrap this up.


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