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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dedicated To Annie and Carly

I believe MySpace's original mission was to provide a place and tools on the internet for musicians to build an audience. In my mind that is still best use of MySpace.

I've been surfing around MySpace a lot lately looking for new music. I've found and friended a couple hundred bands and singer songwriters that have peeked my interest. (For those interested, check out my friend list on MySpace. There are a lot of talented people out there.)

Which brings me to my latest find, a kid in LA out of Biola University named Amy Kuney. She has a little bit of Jenny Owen Youngs and Brandi Carlile (a couple of my current favorites) in her, so I went to YouTube looking for some concert footage, and I found this:

Did someone see an image consultant?

Anyway, here's the Annie/Carly connection. In my YouTube search I made the discovery that AK was in a very memorable scene in the Gilmore Girls.

Amy Kuney has an EP coming out soon. I hope she does well.


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