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Monday, February 18, 2008

David and Bobby's Excellent Adventure II

February 18

Well, Amsterdam has been somewhat of a let down. Contrary to popular belief Bobby and I aren't big into the drug scene so much of the allure for the city doesnt do it for us.

The city started off on a bad foot, literally. Because of our lack of knowledge of local transportation we have pretty much walked everywhere we've gone and because of this our feet and ankles are very sore. In a city where walking is a must this didn't help. Then on top of that the Heineken brewery is closed for renovations, so no tour and free beer for us. As payback Bobby is boycotting Heinekin beer while we're here, which for Bobby is very tough to do.

Bobby also came down with a cold and I felt a little under the weather as well. The city isn't like anything i imagined. I pictured smaller buildings wider roads and a lot more open and green space, maybe it is because I knew bikes were everywhere I had parks pictured in my head. Instead the city is cramped with winding streets that decide to turn every which way. This combined with the lack of street signage caused us to walk about 10 miles last night on what should have been a couple mile walk. These streets are surrounded by old 7 story buildings that all look the same. The narrow aisles and the billions of bikes and tourists cause the streets to turn into giant cluster f****, for lack of a better term. Not my cup of tea. So Mom you don't need to worry about me moving out here to open my own coffeeshop.

It hasnt been all bad. We ate at one of the Netherlands 2, 5 star eateries...... It may have been a french fry stand but it was 5 stars nonetheless. (Dad, dont worry we made sure to get ketchup with ours to avoid the horrors of your trip).

We also took another one of the free tours and it was another good investment. The tour guide was a student from Boston who is out here studying for a few months, and she told us everything we needed to know about the city. It wasnt as interesting as the Berlin tour but still very enjoyable.

Tonight we went an improv comedy show. Lucky for us the cast is all American and the show is entirely in English. It was hit and miss and we didn't get all the inside Netherlands jokes but overall it was very enjoyable. The highlight of the night was when they came up to Bobby and asked him his name, where he's from and his occupation (bat boy).. after some he beat around the bush I had to yell out that he was the bat boy. Then one of the cast members had to figure out who he was. It turns out to guess his name they gave the guy hints about the other Bobby Brown, not knowing that is also his last name. There were several jokes made about his profession, or lack there of, but i definitely enjoyed it.

Well, we were planning on staying 4 days here, but we'll probably pack up and leave after three and head to Paris.

On a side note I've decided that I am going to introduce Europe to a new invention called the hot dog bun! They may make the best brats in the world, but when they all use the same 3 inch roll it drives me nuts!! I guess this trip is just reaffirming what I already knew... that I belong in Southern California.


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