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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Concert Posters

Ryan Adams's Easy Tiger has earned great reviews, his tour has been well received, and now it's his concert tour posters that are generating internet buzz. Evidently, they were done by Daymon Gurlich and a limited run of 300 are printed for each city. They are being sold at the venue for $20, but a poster for the Louisville concert is being offered on eBay for $110

I've collected some images here:Concert Posters

It seems to me that selling quality concert posters is a great opportunity for musicians and artists to make some money.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Field Trip: Comic Con

Steven and I ventured to the San Diego Convention Center this morning for Comic Con. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I probably raised the index a couple of points, but I found the Nerd Quotient (NQ) at Comic Con to be on the high side. The owner of the comic store in the Simpsons could have been based on about half the people with whom Steven and I waited in line. Anyway, Steven and I have now experienced "The Con".

The pics:

Steve is ready for "The Con".

Waiting in line with a few of our friends.

On the exhibition floor.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're Back

Alas, our cruise vacation to the western Caribbean is over. Highlights include: snorkeling, eating, karaokeing, sightseeing, eating, gambling, picture taking, chillin', eating, reading, bingoing, drinking, sunbathing, trivia contesting, and did I mention eating.

I've started the process of posting (more on this later) some of our pictures to Flickr. Just click the My Pictures link on the left.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tip of the Day: Elevators

Let me know if this works.

I suppose as this information spreads on the intertubes this feature will be disabled, but in the meantime .......

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Do-It-Yourself Mushroom Cloud

Don't try this at home.

Just when you think the youth of America are going to hell in a handbasket you find a video of some kids who put 30,000 match heads in a bucket and attach a fuse. Impressive.

Kids Ignite A Matchstick Bomb - Watch more free videos

Friday, July 06, 2007

I lied: Yet Another iPhone Post

A couple days ago I checked my Sitemeter and noticed something kinda cool. According to Sitemeter someone had checked out Scent Weakly from an iPhone. It turns out that the someone was Annie. She had paid a visit to her local Apple Store and spent some time playing with SJ's newest gadget.

In the tsunami of stories that swept over everyone last week I found this tidbit in Cringley's blog interesting.

The fact that Apple sees the iPhone as a hugely important platform for the future can be seen in the company's decision to give a top-of-the-line iPhone to every Apple employee, even part-timers. This is frigging brilliant. EVERY Apple employee becomes an iPhone evangelist. EVERY Apple employee participates in ongoing stress testing and customer feedback. You can bet that every technical problem will be addressed quickly, simply because the entire company will be experiencing these problems.

At the very least you've got to give Jobs and Apple for their marketing expertise. I'm going to give them even more props because I think the iPhone is indeed something new and they just may have left their competitors in the dust.

Nicky, you were right. We should have bought Apple stock.


Nothing like a little Waffle House snack at midnight.

Note: This shot was taken by IV in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

RA on Letterman

Ryan Adams sang a couple songs on Letterman last week. They're really quite lovely, and I much prefer the live versions than the ones on Easy Tiger.

Ballpark Rankings

Last week with my visit to the Metrodome in Minneapolis I got my Major League Ballpark merit badge. I have now been to all 30 ballparks. According to federal law here is my rankings list.

There are some ballpark ratings out there that try to quantify various ballpark factors in order to come up with an objective list. I prefer a more holistic approach. I try to take in the gestalt of the place and judge accordingly, but I do have three often overlapping criteria.

1) Architecture. I like ballparks with open views over the outfield seats and parks that reflect their city.

2) Location, location, location. Urban ballparks that don't sit in the middle of an asphalt parking lots are my preference.

3) Sociology. A ballpark gets extra points if the neighboring restaurants and bars are filled with fans before and after games.

1. Wrigley -- Wrigley and Fenway are tough to compare to the newer parks because based on pure creature comforts they are sorely lacking. They get a lot extra credit for being museum pieces.

2. Fenway -- I give Wrigley the nod because of the low outfield bleachers which opens the view, but I like the outside and the surrounding area around Fenway better.

3. PNC -- The perfect ballpark. It's small (< 40,000 capacity), has an awesome view of downtown Pittsburgh, wide concourses with views of the field, and you can buy Primanti Brothers sandwiches there. Note: I’ve moved it down from number 1 to the 3 spot. 14 years of Pirate ineptitude has sapped some life from the place.

4. AT&T -- They had to squeeze the ballpark into a small area which resulted in some disadvantages like some very narrow concourses, but the relative smallness of the building does focus attention onto the game. And, after all, isn't that the reason we go to the games?

5. Petco -- I'll be the first to admit that there is some home town bias here, because I'm putting Petco above some great ballparks despite some things I don't like about it (the second deck in right field and the centerfield batter's eye primarily). But the place is unique, the neighborhood is filling in, and the weather is perfect.

6. Camden Yards -- Camden Yards gets some extra credit for being the first of the new "old" style parks. It has some flaws (a lot of seats that don't face the infield, and enclosed concourses) but its still the standard to which all new parks are compared.

7. Safeco -- One of my fondest baseball related memories is walking from downtown Seattle to Safeco Field on opening day several years ago. There was a palatable buzz as the streets crowded with fans headed to the park. Safeco has a great location, excellent amenities, and I love the fact that they allow (encourage?) food vendors outside the park (kinda like Fenway used to be in the old days)

8. Busch -- The architecture is certainly derivative of Camden Yards, Coors, etc. but the architects corrected most of their predecessor's mistakes. However, it's the fans that make the difference. Every game is an event. On game days downtown is packed with Cardinal fans hours before the first pitch. Busch has a great location, an open view of downtown and the arch, and the area will only improve when the site of old Busch is developed

9. The Jake – Upon further review, I’ve moved the Indian’s ballpark up a notch. It’s got everything I like in a park, but the double and triple levels of suites are a bit much.

10. Comerica -- It’s a nice enough ballpark, but I don’t think many people arrive early or linger around the area after the games.

11. Coors Field – Nice location, but it’s just too damn big

12. Dodger Stadium – Love the park hate the sea of asphalt

13. Citizen's Bank – Great ballpark but the location sucks

14. Kauffman -- It's a beautiful park located in the suburbs surrounded by an enormous parking lot.

15. Turner Field -- Location, location, location. See Citizen's bank

16. Yankee Stadium
17. Great American Ballpark
18. Ballpark at Arlington
19. Comiskey
20. Anaheim
21. The Bob
22. Juice Box
23. Miller Park
24. Sky Dome
25. Shea
26. Dolphin
27. Network Associates
28. Metrodome
29. Tropicana
30. RFK

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free Stuff

Now that I own a real (sorta) iPod (it's a Nano) I've been looking for a good place to download books. looks promising.

In fact if you click here: Free Audio Book the first one is free. You do have to register and give them a credit card number, so it's not exactly free.

They have a rather extensive catalog, so download something and get some value from your commute.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seamhead Tour '07

The old guys returned from our 6th tour of major league ballparks on Sunday evening relatively intact. I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.

In no particular order, some highlights of the trip include:

Eating neon green pickle relish on the hotdogs at Wrigley
Doing genealogical research in Wooster
The spectacular sunset at the Jake
Earning my "I've Been To All 30 ML Ballparks" merit badge
Ben Francisco's walk off homerun
The awesome postgame fireworks extravaganza after the Indians game
Getting caught in a thunderstorm on the way out of Wrigley
The impressive atrium/arcade at the hotel in Cleveland
Learning to send text messages on my phone
Cooling off with a chocolate shake at the Dari-ette

For a visual summary of the trip, you can check out the pictures I've posted on Flickr (click the My Pictures link on the left).