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Friday, July 06, 2007

I lied: Yet Another iPhone Post

A couple days ago I checked my Sitemeter and noticed something kinda cool. According to Sitemeter someone had checked out Scent Weakly from an iPhone. It turns out that the someone was Annie. She had paid a visit to her local Apple Store and spent some time playing with SJ's newest gadget.

In the tsunami of stories that swept over everyone last week I found this tidbit in Cringley's blog interesting.

The fact that Apple sees the iPhone as a hugely important platform for the future can be seen in the company's decision to give a top-of-the-line iPhone to every Apple employee, even part-timers. This is frigging brilliant. EVERY Apple employee becomes an iPhone evangelist. EVERY Apple employee participates in ongoing stress testing and customer feedback. You can bet that every technical problem will be addressed quickly, simply because the entire company will be experiencing these problems.

At the very least you've got to give Jobs and Apple for their marketing expertise. I'm going to give them even more props because I think the iPhone is indeed something new and they just may have left their competitors in the dust.

Nicky, you were right. We should have bought Apple stock.


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