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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Field Trip: My Morning Jacket

Drawing inspiration from The Who, The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and other 70s era arena bands My Morning Jacket would have been very successful in 1973. For an old guy whose musical tastes were shaped by the music of that time it's nice to see that MMJ has some traction in 2008.

MMJ is a great live band, but has never really put out a record that captures that magic. They specialize in big crowd pleasing rock anthems with big guitar jams. Played live even some of their more cloying tracks from the latest record (Highly Suspicious, Evil Urges) are transformed into something special.

So, Radiohead gets dropped from my top five concert list of '08

1) The Hold Steady @ The Casbah
2) Bruuuuuuuce @ The Pond (or whatever it's called now)
3) Ryan Adams @ Spreckles
4) My Morning Jacket @ SDSU's Open Air Theater
5) The Avett Brothers @ The BellyUp


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