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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Field Trip: The Hold Steady

There's something very enjoyable about hangin' in the back of a club drinking a beer and watching the crowd go ape-shit at a rock show. So, it was extremely entertaining tonight as The Hold Steady took the crowd to gorilla-shit level. (More tomorrow --- it's way past my bedtime.)

OK I'm up, with just a couple things to add.

First, the band looks like the faculty of John F Kenndy Middle School at the annual teacher talent show, but despite appearances they play a high octane, crowd pleasing, and very American brand rock. But, what elevates The Hold Steady above being a superb bar band are lead man Craig Finn's clever story driven songs and his somewhat manic and slightly Tourette-like delivery. The performance easily goes into my top five shows of the year.

BTW, Canes is a very nice venue.


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