Scent Weakly 2.0

Monday, May 28, 2007


I've always thought that the myriad of internet social networks would coalesce into one or two universal access points and be the frontend of the internet for most people. Among other things, it would be where you found updates (text, pictures, and video) of your communities (family, friends, and interests). I assumed Google or perhaps a social network enabled browser (probably Firefox) would be the company that put this together. I now think you now have to put Facebook into that group.

Evidently, over the weekend Facebook opened up their platform to a whole litany of applications (Twitter, iLike etc.). In doing so I think they've edged much closer than anybody else to providing a universal social network. At the very least, I think it makes the founders decision to turn down last year's $750M buyout offer incredibly smart.

BTW, I have had a Facebook profile for a couple of months, but have done little with it (I do have 2 friends). That's starting to change as I've been playing with their new bells and whistles. I'll keep you posted.


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