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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Ouriel at My Blog writes:

I can finally get rid of iTunes

I love the iPod but i HATE iTunes. Not convenient for synchronizing in multiple computers, slow, heavy in resources for movies you have to convert to their stupid format….

Thanks to Christian from ProCab i have (very lately) discovered YamiPod, a freeware, developped by a student that enables you to manage your music AS YOU WANT. You can for example add music by simple drag and drop from your folder, the software is fast, read all features here. Yamipod

The KILLER feature. You can copy music from iPod to your computer, bye bye stupid DRM rules that do not let me copy music i bought from my iPod to another computer (at work for example) Works on mac/linux/windows

Now i am friend again with my iPod. Christian, you saved my iPod life


Blogger TOMYPOST said...

This software is cool but couldn't convert protected music for other devices than iPod. The software "NoteBurner" from could do this. a simple guide at:

11:12 PM  

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