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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to Bloggin'

OK my vacation is now over and it's time for me to start working on those pesky New Year's resolutions - exercising, eating healthy, reading more, blogging regularly, posting super cute but slightly embarassing pictures on my kids' MySpace pages, yadda, yadda, yadda. I must say it feels good to have made some progress on the last one.

Looking over my post about seeing My Morning Jacket last Tuesday, I don't think I was clear enough about how good those guys are. MMJ is certainly not a secret. Do a blog search on Google and the most common adjectives are great, best, awesome, holy sh*t etc. etc. I knew all that and was stoked to discover it's all true.

I think it's very cool that a band that sounds like it came out of the 70s is developing an audience in 2007. Jim James confidently takes on the role of the lead singer, but does so with a sense of humor. He told a funny story about playing a gig in San Diego several years ago before a crowd of 10 or so. During their break at that show the band made PB&J sandwiches for the audience as a sort of a bonding experience. So, on Tuesday night they decided to make it a tradition. About an hour into the show they stopped, made a few PB&J sandwiches and threw them out into the crowd.

Their live concert CD/DVD Okonokos is worth a listen/watch.


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