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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Field Trip: San Fracisco Day 2

On Wednesday I met Will at Four Barrels for coffee and donuts. From there we headed to Golden Gate Park and the Academy of Sciences. The AoS is a brand spanking new museum in the heart of the park. It encompasses several major exhibits that span many different scientific disciplines. Highlights include the four story rain forest enclosure, the aquarium, and the state of art digital planetarium/movie theater. But as good as the exhibits are, the star of the museum is the building itself. It's a stunning achievement in green architecture.

Check out the roof.

After sending Will back to St. Mary's "to do homework" I went over to Annie and Adrian's apartment to make sure they put their oluvfundor together correctly. They had, so we celebrated over sushi and beers at Tokyo Go Go. Delicious.


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