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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Valium, Podcasts, Vicodin, and Coffee Ice Cream

So, yesterday I tested my theory that oral surgery was preferable to watching the Padres this season. To my surprise I discovered that I'd much rather watch Luke Carlin hit into double plays with the bases loaded than having some guy use power tools in my mouth. In fact it's not even close.

I did find a few things that made my Guantanamo experience survivable.

1) Valium - Good for setting the mood
2) iPod - Listening to podcasts worked better than music as I had to focus more.

And, afterwards vicodin and coffee ice cream do wonders for your soul.

Speaking of podcasts I'm relatively new the medium, but have found they're great for making commuting, travel, exercise, and even trips to the dentist slightly more bearable.

A few of my favorites.

Sound Opinions - Siskel and Ebert for indie music
This American Life - The NPR show
The Moth Podcast - Storytelling
ESPN: The BS Report - Bill Simmons and guests talk sports
MacBreak Weekly - Leo Laporte does a ton podcasts each week this is my favorite
NPR: All Songs Considered - Excellent music show

You can subscribe to all these shows on iTunes.


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