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Monday, January 14, 2008

I've Got Perfect Timing

So, on the day I add Scrabulous to my Facebook profile add send out a challenge to all of my (3) friends I see this:

Josh Quittner at Fortune reports that Hasbro, manufacturer of the timeless board game Scrabble, is trying to shut down Scrabulous, an unauthorized electronic version of Scrabble that has gained a rabid following on Facebook. The reasons are obvious: licensing. Scrabulous profits from advertising revenue. Hasbro, citing infringement, wants to see it scrapped.

There's no online version of Scrabble, but as Quittner notes, electronic rights to the game belong to video game manufacturer Electronic Arts. One of Scrabulous' creators confirmed to Quittner that Hasbro has contacted Facebook about removing the application.

Scrabble Trying to Bingo Scrabulous

So, before Scabulous gets Napstered anybody want a game?


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