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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flock Revisited

I've been using Flock, a browser built on top of Firefox with social networking integration, for over a year now. Despite the fact that it's still a little buggy and not the most stable program on the planet it has become my browser of choice. While I like the built in RSS news reader, I love the social networking aspects of the Media Center which does things like notify me when friends and family (Carly, Dave, Jeff, Annie and Ethel) do things like post pictures on Flickr.

There's been a lot of buzz that Facebook was going to be the nexus of social networking. I have my doubts. I still think a browser is better situated to integrate the myriad of social web sites that pop up everyday. I'm pretty sure Microsoft won't pull it off, and I have my doubts it will be Flock. My best guess is the dominant social networking browser will come from the open source community, probably Firefox

You can download it here: Flock


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