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Friday, November 02, 2007

Field Trip: Polyphonic Spree

I've listened to Polyphonics Spree's music, but I just haven't connected with it. Too much rainbows and puppies and not enough grit and grime. However, their live show, by all accounts, is something special, so I headed up Interstate 5 Thursday night. Destination: the BellyUp.

First of all, the sheer size of PS is impressive. I counted over 20 people squeezed onto the modest BellyUp stage. The band consists of everything from a female choir to a harp payer. As for their show, it's pretty much unexplainable. It's a strange amalgam of a rock concert and a new age revival meeting.

Since words fail me here's a sample of their show.

The PS have a passionate fan base. Part of the fun for me was watching them geek out.

Here's a short vid of PS covering Nirvana's Lithium. If anything the crowd last night was even more enthusiastic.

The PS understand that music is theater. They put on a SHOW. As for a rating, I'm not going to pack up the van, (several PS shows too close together might cause diabetes) but I'll go to their show the next time they're in town.


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