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Monday, August 27, 2007

Field Trip: Wilco


Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) has probably been performing for over 20 years. For a lot of musicians maturity and experience do not enhance a great rock show. However, in Tweedy's case it surely does. Wilco is a well oiled machine performing at the top of their game.

I've been to alot of shows this year where I was one of a handful (sometimes only) person in the crowd over 35. It was kinda nice that Wilco's crowd skewed a bit older and I was not the outlier.

The Wilco concert closed out my concert year (Septmber 1 -- August 31). Since I'm unable to vote anyone off my current top five show island I'm just going to squeeze Wilco into the group. My end of the year top five: Ryan Adams, The Hold Steady, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Bright Eyes, and The Avett Brothers.

Carly and I just got back from SDSU's Open Air Theater where we saw Wilco. It's kinda late and a school night, but I have a couple of thoughts.

1) Wilco is a great band.

2) Warm August California night + great band + excellent seats + outdoor venue = awesomeness squared.


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