Scent Weakly 2.0

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Carly and I hung out with Ben Kweller tonight.

Update: As Ben Kweller's music tends to be on the pop end of the rock spectrum, quite a few of his fans spend their days passing notes in their algebra I classes. So, last night's concert was an all ages event, meaning Carly and I were confined to the pre-21 purgatory balcony at the HOB. Our view of the stage while not great wasn't terrible either. It improved greatly when a bunch a people left after Kweller's set.

About an hour into Gomez's set (which was most excellent) I turned around and was a bit surprised to see Mr. Kweller helping some fans with their algebra homework. We chatted, I took Carly's picture, and let him get back to his tutorial. He seemed like a really good guy.


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