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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Padres Trade Barfield

to Cleveland for 3B Kevin Kouzmanof and P Andrew Brown.

I like the trade, although it's not without significant risk. Josh Barfield is a good player and had a very good rookie season, but Kouzmanof has better plate discipline, strikes out less, and has much better power. While Kouzmanof's major league production is potentially much higher than JB's, he is unproven. Therein lies the risk.

Brown is an interesting throw in. He throws smoke.

Note to KT: Send Linebrink to the Braves for Marcus Giles

Kouzmanoff's stats:

2004 (A) - .330/.394/.526 with 35 2B, 16 HR, in 473 AB
2005 (A+) - .339/.401/.591 with 20 2B, 12 HR in 254 AB
2006 (AA) - .389/.449/.660 with 19 2B, 15 HR in 244 AB
2006 (AAA) - .353/.409/.647 with 9 2B, 7 HR in 102 AB


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