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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting Venue Choices

I follow the live local music scene closely enough to have a pretty good handle on the various venues and the bands they book. But, every once in a while I see a booking and have to scratch my head. A couple of examples.

The Hold Steady at The Casbah

Don't get me wrong, I love this booking. The best bar band in America playing the best bar in America's finest city is going to be epic. It's just that The Hold Steady has some serious traction and I thought they would be playing a bigger venue than The Casbah capacity 132. They have a new album coming out today that is getting great reviews, their last album was a critical and popular success, and almost everybody (including me) who sees their live show raves about it.

Anyway, the show is sold out and I'm looking forward to seeing what could be best show of the year.

Jackie Greene at Anthology

This one has me really puzzled. Anthology is a relatively new venue built primarily as a jazz supper club although they have always booked a few boomer centric acts (Poco, Dave Mason etc.). I have never been to Anthology primarily because they haven't booked an act who I have had much interest in seeing, but their tickets prices are very high and they also charge a $15 per person food and/or drink minimum. Truthfully I probably spend about $15 at a show at The Casbah or The BellyUp, but I don't like to be required to do so.

It was a great to surprise to see that one of my favorites, Jackie Greene, is playing Anthology on August 29th. I guess the folks there are trying to widen their customer base. I just question the fact that Greene has enough pull to attract a big enough crowd willing to pay $24 for a ticket and $15 for food and drink. I'll probably be there. I just hope there will be other JG fans there as well.


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