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Friday, June 27, 2008

We Have the Internet

After I spent an hour or so this evening trying to hack into a variety of wireless networks, Ethel took about 30 seconds and magically made the internet appear. Needless to say the girls were overjoyed.

Here's a brief rundown.

Our flight made a non scheduled stop in Salt Lake City to drop off an ill passenger (diabetes)

After finally arriving in London we had a pub meal, walked over to Buckingham Palace, cruised by Big Ben, and upon returning to our hotel - collapsed.

On Tuesday we did the Tate (modern art), The British Museum, Harrod's, and had a great meal at an Indian restaurant.

A picture of the girls on our way to the Tate.

We arrived in Paris on Thursday and had no problem finding our apartment. It's located on the eastern (non touristy) side of the Sacre Couer.

Here's a picture of the girls walking down our street.

Today we walked up the steps to Sacre Couer, took in the view, and walked the western side of the Montmarte district. In the afternoon we took the Metro to the Left Bank and walked around with a stop at a cafe for a much needed beer.

Pictured is St. Dennis. The Romans cut off his head for the whole believing in Jesus thing, but Dennis picked up his head and walked 3 miles just to piss them off.


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