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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Field Trip: Sondre Lerche

I made my way up to the Belly Up last night for a very good triple header.

Thomas Dybdahl led off. He has a very good voice and an awkward Norwegian charm that is quite appealing.

Next up was Willy Mason who did the earnest singer songwriter thing quite well. Mason was backed by his band of twelve year olds to good effect.

Lerche popped up on my radar a couple months ago, but I debated whether to pry myself off the couch for his mid-week set. What clinched the deal was a description in a blog that described SL as an Norwegian Ryan Adams. After watching SL and despite Adams and Lerche's different musical beginnings (country/rock vs. pop/jazz) I get the comparison. It goes well beyond the fact that they're both kinda goofy and have bad haircuts. They share some similar mannerisms and the ablity to play, write, and sing.


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