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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Padres Sign Maddux (yawn)

Well, the Padres with $25M or so burning a hole in their pocket signed Greg Maddux. I guess in comparison to the insanity of some of the contracts being handed out (Lilly 4/$44, Meche 4/$40, Padilla 3/$34, Eaton 3/$24 etc) signing Maddux for 2/$20 seems like a smart move. It just seems to me that they paid a premium for a brand name, but in the end they didn't improve themselves very much.

Maddux hasn't been an elite pitcher for several years. There aren't many starters who succeed with a K-rate below 5.0 and an XBH rate above 3.5.

Maddux in 2006 K/9 = 5.0 XBH/9 = 4.1

It's been a very frustrating off-season for Padre fans. They haven't done anything stupid (give Carlos Lee $100M), but they haven't exactly improved the team either. Ray Durham and Jason Schmidt were 2 guys sitting out there who would have significantly improved the team, and they are now gone. The off-season isn't over but their options are dwindling quickly.

The Dodgers did do something stupid (signed Juan Pierre 5/$44) but they signed Schmidt today. They now have a rotation of Penny, Schmidt, Lowe, Wolf, and Billingsley. I like their chances in '07.


Blogger Coach Jeff said...

But the Dodgers are going to try to trade Penny for a bat. I like the Schmidt signing, but they still don't have a number one starter, which is what you need in the playoffs.

The Giants finally did something smart and signed Bengie Molina. He will solidify catching, but their offense still is well below par.

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