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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Genius at Work

Let me start off by saying that the Disney HOB sucks. The door and the bar near where we were standing were the sources of more than a few distractions. But, that being said, Mr. Adams was easily able to transcend the suckitude of place.

I was first attracted to RA by his songwriting that spans multiple genres. With his varied catalog of songs I was curious about what a RA show would be like. It turns out it’s everything and more. The show was part Dead jam, then morphed into classic country, took a turn to rock, morphed again into sensitive acoustic, and then pow it was off to grunge. RA is a great talent and as a performer, he is in his prime.

By the end of the night RA leaves you somewhat slackjawed by his ability to write, sing, and play in such a wide variety of styles. He also performed several songs that I had dismissed after listening to the studio versions and turned them into gems. The acoustic Magnolia Mountain and the electric I See Monsters being the prime examples.

I will say that playing such a wide variety of songs (brilliant as they were) did not raise the concert as a whole to a level of one of my all time favorites (The Who, Cat Stevens, Bruce, Simon and Garfunkle). I guess I would say that RA’s show lacked a thematic consistentcy to rank it in my all time favs.

The good news is that Annie (she’s flying down today), Eth, and I are going to see him tonight at the HOB in San Diego. And the good news is that Nicky and Carly assure me that this HOB does not suck.


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